Life happens

Lol. Lost in translation)))  Чародеи *_* не думала, что Кэйра любит этот старый земной фильм

May the FORCE be with you

smuggler and jedi-consular ( in the lower line) are mine. But maybe left girl goes to the dark side

So yesterday we decided to start SWTOR. Well exactly we decied only to download it, ‘cause we have a three days of Easter holidays so we can play as long as we wish to. But i just cannot go and not to see it. Because its a SW. I’m in that fandom over that fifteen years. Hey, man an one LARP i’ve been the Luke Skywalker. Yeap, and i’m cosmic girl more than a fantasy girl. So… So we decided to try the system and choose to plat as Free-to_play time.  I’ve thinked that i choose sith warior and maybe twi`lek smuggler. But then i’d realise that i can play only by three races. And this everytime mine problem to choose which one i’ve chose for a nice first PT. Shit, i don’t know. Cause in WoW i’ve create mine panda babe, and then i can create a new races. An now i play as pandaren monk, drenei-palladin, bloody elf mage and be - dk. But here… ah, its a little complicate to me… to choose… And i think that we buy this game too. And now i’ve seen that mine problem with choice is not only mine anymore))

home party bunter ))))

- Go to sleep!

- Just a second, plz

- K, what so improtant you…

- Just look at their CC, only look

After 2 hours

- You know that i hate you?


Attack on Castle Cousland.
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Tell me stories about your OTP.

Hehe, which one do i’ve start?

Huge post of mine favorite babe and thier romance

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Team milky way in real life - they are soooo cute.  (c)

While I am still suffering after visiting Virmire, and at home we replaying KOTOR (suddenly, prearation to SWTOR, yeap) or WoW, or DnD session, my friend gave me an interesting reason to think… on a new pairing.

I thought what if Ashley and Garrus be together? Xenophobia - it certainly xenophobia, but… Both of them best marksmen, even more - snipers . No, we’re not talking about the first part of me, but after it. When Shepard proved to Ashley that aliens can not only work in a team, but you can love them. It would be great Schenko ( Shiara, Shane, last one is a favorite pair for mine friend) and Ashley with Garrus. AND NO FUCKING VIRMIRE EVER

it only stupid thinking at work, while I drink mine morning coffee


blessed be the day they’re so fucking cute

My God, gnomes are so cute. No, no, i don’t wanna play as gnome-lock again((

Me and my new friend )) or “Look i’m sitting at Santa’s knees”

Yeap Kass sit here too. And she gain her achievment at CIC

Oh, going to meet with my art tutor at this evening. Don’t see her  three months and i really b scary. Cause i don’t know what she would tell me and etc…