In our guild exist two Shepard of both  sex, Ashley… so i’ve decided why not.

My precious blue girlfriend - Liara T’Soni))

I’m have a problem with decision of her role - as dps or tank. And we don’t have agreement with M. Cause he thinks that she must’ve been chiss(

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Banthender))) Only on Pub’s Fleet

Banthender))) Only on Pub’s Fleet

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My new desktop pics.
Yeah, yeah, while boys kill imps my scout just try not to be killed… as usually

My new desktop pics.

Yeah, yeah, while boys kill imps my scout just try not to be killed… as usually

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There is always rain on Dromund Kaas {X}

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Flagship - “Are You Calling” [Official Video]

Happy Independence Day, dear! Glory to Ukraine

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keyring, you've said


He send me a letter. I smiled. We’ve talk to much, we’ve smiled, i’ve been upset, i’ve been angry, i’ve miss him so much, i’ve be like i-don’t-care-about-you-mister-jedi. But a letter…

Key fell into my hand from it

"What the hell is that?" - i type a message to him, cause holonet not working…

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Jennifer Hale takes the ALS ice bucket challenge.

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Video Game Meme / Five Relationships [4/5] → Ashley and Liara  
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We’ve made it!!

We’ve made it!!

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I’m Omega

Well, when i was joke about  Aria and all this GM stuff i’ll never thought that i’ve  start feel like Aria or acting like Aria.

at first time it was like that type of conversation

I: Are you sure that it would be great idea to promote me as guild master?

M: Yeap, but don’t ask us to call you a Matriarch *smirk

I: Aha, i’m Boss, CEO, Queen…if you feeling dramatic

Shep: We’ve got mrs. T’Loak here?

Then it was like - “omg! woman - GM!” Fucking sexists! The woman can play a games or be something like a GM. ‘Cause we only talks in our guild about guildship and al that lazy asses no to do anything. For this moment, for a last two days we’ve collected over three millions of credits. So eat your lightsaber, jerks!

And now it’s like - “K, Kate, what we gonna do 2nite? ” And me like “Manaanmanaanmanaan, we’ve go to manaan and then to wz and then to something cool and Manaan!!! We need to go to Manaan because it’s cool and i need to do a lot nope a tones of screenshots …” “I don’t hear ya?” “We’ve going to ops, if we don’t have people for that, we’ll go to dailies, clear?” “yes, ma’am )))”

And now i’m sitting and thinkig about GM-ing stuff, because i  never been a GM before.

And i have that fucking deadine irl on my work, so i can’t spend part of my time for some caps or drawing(

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